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Our "Ohana"

The name My Ohana has a few meanings. The word “Ohana '' means family in Hawaiian and “Hana'' means flower in Japanese. If anyone knows my mother, you are aware of how much she loves flowers. A dear friend of mine once told me that just because you aren't blood does not mean you aren't family. Ohana also means big extended family in Japanese. Over the years, I have found that all my customers aren't just customers, they are like my rooted family which is also how I decided on “Ohana.”

The design of the logo has its own meaning behind it too, even down to the colors. The circle is called ensō ("circular form") which is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The reason I incorporated the shisa shisa dogs in the logo is because back home in Okinawa, they are everywhere and are also rooted from China. The look of it reminds me of home. The hibiscus is the Okinawan flower (deigo) and my momma loves flowers which is enough reason to add it in there. Lastly, the Japanese kanji means “oshiro” which is my mothers maiden name.

The Hawaiin - Okinawan community is special to me because it has embraced all different types of culture and people. Growing up I was never the best teenager but the community has always allowed me back with open arms.

Now I am excited to be able to offer the community something positive back. The food is an assortment from my family - passed down from many generations. My hope is to pass down great food and memories to the next generations of this community.

Thank You . . .

Accent Signs in Niceville for doing a fabulous job on our trailer. Big shout out to Greg for helping us through the process.

Also, shout out to Mike Muller for the artwork and creating our shirts!!

Our Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Armstrong , Founder/Creator